Haha, Yes!

I can _totally_ identify with the strip today!


...Although, maybe instead of building legos it's that I play RPGs, and, instead of thinking about Batman, I am thinking about traveling the backroads of Country X! Haha. WTF does it mean anymore to be an adult??
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Testing, testing, 1-2-3....

Okies, well, silence from this end for a bit, no? 3 months or something? Hmmmm.

Anyhoo, got my Master's done back in May, now just reviewing for my %^$*&#@ board exam (to get my license). Let's just say that, so far, the going hasn't been easy. I am _exhausted_ by this whole process. I'm also not entirely sure that being at people's beck and call the rest of my life is something I am all that enthused to do. Sigh. 'Am ruminating on whether being some sort of researcher wouldn't be more interesting - although, with only a Master's, I couldn't do much except corral participants and specimens for study. Sigh.

Lots of reading of books for pleasure has also put me in the mood for writing - but, eh, haven't written a creative thing since high school or early college, and feel a course would be in order before anything decent flowed from my pen/fingertips. It's funny that I swing at least once per decade between wanting to be a retiring academic type and wanting to be active with people on a daily basis. Must be hormonal! ;)

Forayed into SL briefly Sat night - it was nice to pop in again after almost a year's absence. In fact, it was just pleasant enough (and not too laggy) that I might do it again sometime in the near future. Hee. Thanks, Zozo, for being, well, a *lovecat*! Murrrrr! ^.^

'Hope y'all are well out there....
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I've been a bit silent of late. I'm finishing up my program and going on job interviews. 'Been spending a lot of time thinking about how I am moving into a new part of my life - not just for work, but on a personal level. I haven't been motivated to post much here - have been to introspective, I guess.
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